My Block Breaker Game: Skull Breaker



Here’s a screen shot of what I have got so far. I’m going for a medieval/Skull theme. Still working out all of the game play mechanics and features I want to add. Also switched it up a bit by adding health bars to the blocks.

Having loads of fun. Excited to keep moving forward!


Hey Kenneth, looks good is this a puzzle game?


Good morning. Thanks, it’s a spin-off the classic breakout game. I plan on uploading it soon so people can give it a test.


I would be willing to test if for you when you reach that point. Just reach out when you get there.


Awesome. Thanks.


Small Update over the weekend:
-Implemented lives system (Basically just resetting the ball’s position to the paddle, decrementing a numberOfLives int, and showing currentNumberOfLives in an Image array when the Loose Trigger is hit)
-Added speech bubble to the block, power up, and boss prefab
-Captured blocks will speak at random until saved. i.e… ‘Save Me’, ‘I’m Hungry’, Etc. I’m trying to keep it light and humorous.
-Enemy Blocks will speak when hit by ball.
-Added Boss Concept Art.
-Power Ups will spawn and fall and can be collected by the paddle, but actual abilities haven’t been implemented yet.

To Dos / Wish list:
-Work out ball functionality (Friction, Gravity, Velocity, Etc.)
-Choose abilities and power ups (Already have a small laundry list to pick from, but am open to suggestions)
-Add animations to blocks
-Add Small/Short level intro
-Add paddle options players can choose from or toggle thru at run-time

This list should keep me busy for a while. Hoping to have a small play test demo ready to upload by next weekend.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.


Holidays are here and family is visiting, so work on the game is slow and steady.

Here’s a few screen shots of some of the progress that I have made. I’m currently focusing on getting all of the paddle types into the game.

Paddle Types so far: Laser Beam, Laser Blasers, Catapult, Archer, Missile Launcher, Lightning, Mini-Shooter, Pinball, Bumper, Dragon, and Magnet.

Players can upgrade paddles as they go, plus I also have a plan to implement some special abilities.
So I’m pretty excited about how it’s coming along.
Big thanks to Ben and Rick for getting me started on this path. What I thought would be a simple throw away game is turning into something super fun, everyone in my house loves to play it

. Looks like I’m going to take it all the way and make a full game with this one.