My Block Breaker Game: Castle Breaker

First of all I’m pretty unhappy how it turned out… In the editor it was working okayish… but the ball speeds up at random moments and stil got stuck in a loop sometimes, even after tweaking the random force.

What made me really sad was, that after I build the game, the UI was messed up… my score didn’t show up, my borders from the playspace were wrong, etc. etc. I had to go over all the scenes, resize everything, and build the game for 2h over and over again, to see if it worked out, because i couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

I still have no idea, but I think the game is in a playable state now, so if anybody can look at my game and help me I would be very thankful!!!

Now to the game itself:
-I am pretty happy, that i could implement a “lives”-feature, whithout google or any other scripts. That was a big step for a beginner like me, who never ever was in touch with programming and not that much free time.
You have 10 lives, I know it’s a lot, but like I said the ball can be a **** and I want you to experience all the levels and can give me more feedback.

-The game has a story, but without text it’s hard to show you that… so long story short: You are a brave knight and go to the evil castle to defeat the evil. You break through the gate, fight over the courtyard and defeat the monster in the throne room. After that you take the stairs to the secret cave and enter the evils shrine at the bottom of it to defeat the boss.

Thanks for playing my game and all your feedback!

You guys are awsome!!!


Your artwork and theme are superior, it made me anticipate getting to the next level to discover more. The only disappointment I had was for some reason the webgl player wouldn’t let me see the whole game at one time, maybe I was doing something wrong on my end?

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like i said in my text, i had a lot of problems with the build… i still don’t know where it went wrong… the fault is all on my side :smiley:

Thanks a lot for playing my game and the feedback.d

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