My blender journey

I thought I’d start a topic where I can post the various past things I’ve done in blender up to the present. This helps me to see how my 3D journey progresses and also allows me to keep it all in one place and share it.

/uploads/db2322/original/3X/0/0/002a7b3bb6a9afeaef1f8e87a0290f9f769a5c22.mp4 preview1 /uploads/db2322/original/3X/8/c/8cea681ff9a28288e3607eb7851be24772d27a02.mp4 Strip_Lights_Quarter_Size


I have already seen some of them, still impressive work. The texturing and lighting is of high quality.

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Thanks Pete :slight_smile:

Truly Amazing!!! Good Luck :+1:

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Really great work!

Love the Gryphon chick you are getting hair to work well.

Think the anvil was a bad casting though, lol, Looks too porous and might shatter if used hard.

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Yea totally agree :slight_smile:

That was my first ever completed 3D model.
I had a habit of over doing the normals strength.

If I ever went back, I’d probably do a totally different anvil now. always learning :slight_smile:

Love it!


These are all absolutely insane! One of my favorites is probably the blender logo. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Ethan :slight_smile:

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