My Bishops, black n white, low n high

You’ve got another PIECE comin’

Black High Poly

White Low Poly


Love how the material looks on the black bishop. Nice work !

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Is there some topology problem with the high poly bishop? along the slot.

Yes, probably because I’ve apply the subdivision surface modfier with a HUGE number of faces :rofl and use the soft shade…I didn’t repeat the error on the top of the rook that don’t have that problem.
Maybe if I’ll have a bit of time I’ll recreate my bishop.

Better now I think.

I used flat shade for avoid the error, but I have to use high quality and high number of subdivision on the render to reach the same result…


Much better. You might have been able to sharpen the seam/corner instead.

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Now I know how. I reach now the lesson and learn how to use the "split egde"modifier. :grin: