My Biplane - Gotten a bit carried away!

Gotten a bit carried away with my plane. I have decided to do a bi-plane - although at the moment I only have a semi complete fusilage, and its a little wonky going towards the tail. Propellers and horizontal wings and tail sections now :slight_smile:

I would say about finished :slight_smile:


I was going to model a biplane until I realised it was probably twice as difficult as a monoplane… :wink:

I found the wings were easiest, drew out one side then duplicated it and adjusted them. It was the fuselage that was hardest to get right, I ended up breaking open a plane and drawing a new shape with it then extruded it and manipulated the mesh around by moving the vertices, edges and faces.

May or may not put in a propeller tomorrow. Definately need to re-rotated the wings I noticed I rotated them on two plains and forgot to check the top view -doh!

Definately gave a go! I really enjoyed it.

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