My Best Render Times - Threadripper 1950x / GTX1080 Ti

I tried a lot of different settings I didn’t keep track of, however these are the best settings I found for my system:

CPU: Threadripper 1950x
GPU: GTX1080 Ti
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Best Times / Settings:

CPU: 51.92 secs / 8x8
GPU: 41.42 secs / 512x512

Just to note, switching around the ‘OpenSubdiv compute’ settings under User Preferences -> System didn’t really seem to have any effect on the times for GPU rendering. Not sure if that’s relevant or not, because I don’t exactly know how that setting works, but just wanted to throw that out there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Edit: For my CPU, I changed the “Tile Order” to “Hilbert Spiral” and dropped the setting from 16x16 to 8x8, which shaved nearly 2 seconds off the render. Could make a sizeable difference when rendering an animation!

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thank you for this information!!! :slight_smile:

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For sure! Just getting back into this whole thing, Blender 2.8 now does cpu + gpu combined rendering, which is awesome.

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Blender 2.8. sounds great with this new features , but: Does Blender 2.8 work with an older PC (I3 processor with no graphic card inside)?

Hey sorry for the late reply lol! Yeah it should work with any most cpu/gpu combos.

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