My Bender church in full colour

Finally it’s like 98.9% finished. The last part is/was a struggle… In my attempt to use high level displacement maps, (floor and wall) the project went from difficult to berserk … Computer halted completely, using 16Gb RAM and still memory swapping …
Suddenly (also an attempt to make it more naturally) my glass windows are n’t transparent any more. No lighting on the floor. And list goes on. So time for a change and leave this Blender section behind me …

Things to tweak;

  • Ornament pillar on top, can be improved
  • Light inside church could be stronger. I’m using only sun light + environment and some candles (low emission)
  • Soot (flame) on the pillars and wall. I had it, but changed pillar design
  • Fill church interior; bench, chairs…
  • Improved wall texture, more displacement
  • more natural feel … very difficult, need for high quality image texturing, or using nodes …
  • Stained glass, less flat, less … , more black lines
  • Adding slightly fog in the glass window sunlight beam, more colours on the floor.

I like the dramatic lighting. Much time spend on the marble, but it cann’t be seen …

Too much cartoon style.

Wall texture, can not be seen… bummer.

But I learned a lot;

  • Start low poly
  • Rename all, and keep renaming, always check.
  • Use GIT

And now, hop-on to the next lecture …


Nice work :). Good job with the lighting and the object details

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As always, nice work!

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This a really nice- I love the extra texturing you have done!

Love this man, Love everything about it.

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What everyone else said. Great work very atmospheric.

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