My asset from blender is not responding for sounds(cone asset)

when unity object hits,sounds working but when blender object(cone) hits, sounds are not responding


Can you select the GameObject which has the mesh from Blender on it, and with it’s details visible in the Inspector, take a screenshot and share it please.

i think sound isnt playing when space is held down and the rocket hits the platform


I think I’d need to see your project files to be of any help, there isn’t really anything to go on from your screenshot(s) and reply.

The forum will allow uploads of up to 10MB, if your project files (zipped) are larger than that you would need to use a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and then share the URL.

rob thank you very much for having a concern on my post.Also very sorry that i’m in the middle of a challenge. After sometime in the video ben thought to solve the audio of thrust not play after dead state. Very sorry and also thank you for having an eye upon me. Wish you a very happy new year ahead.Thanks rob…


So you’re all sorted now, it’s all working as you want it to?

yes rob.By the way why ben or rick isnt responding for newest posts

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Great, I’ll mark the topic as solved then.

The instructors do not spend a lot of time on the forum. If you have specific questions that you feel need a response from an instructor then you should post under the Q&A for the specific lecture of the course on Udemy. The team have employed sutdent instructors who will aim to resolve your issues and escalate any queries where it is deemed necessary.

You are not guaranteed a response from either the forum or the Discord channel, although in both cases you are likely to get a response from your fellow students or volunteers.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yeah sure rob.Thanks for the reply

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