My Archway Challenge Models - Create 3D Worlds Online Course

  • Baba Fats - The Perfect High
  • Chinese Translation - M. Ward
  • The Smoke Off - Shel Silverstein
  • Bubbles for Buddha - Wavy Gravy

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Continuing with Create 3D Worlds Online Course, this is what I got for the Challenge.
I could have added water run off drains near the base or just below midpoint at the wall.
(might still add drains in another attempt.)

Another Archway with no walkway lamps.

I got the Covid & I’m not in top notch creative space but decided to keep on learning blender with the time.
Keep the noodle noodleing.

Almost forgot! Thank you for taking the time to view my work & please feel free to leave some advice.
Stay safe, Be kind & have a good Year!


Hope you get well soon.

Bridge is looking interesting with a different profile through it.

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@NP5 Thank you & I appreciate it, I am sure I will.
Sending good vibes your way.

Yah looks… lol “Different”!
I think in my subconscious I really want to go camping so this tent shape was added to my design.

Also looking at it. I am thinking that it grabs’ the eye, makes me imagine shelter.
If I had to sleep under that bridge I would feel cozy.

I did not show it in the pictures but under the “ground” is some more of the “donut” torus* shape that I couldn’t figure on deleting before posting. Continuing forward these types of pictures will be added for constructive feedback.
I really am starting to look forward to sharing my creations.

I appreciate the community & all of you who take the time reading this, thank you stay safe.