My approach to teleporting at edge of screen

I tried a different way to do this that I thought I could share.


Using wrap instead of the 2 if statements:

	var margin = 20
	if global_position.x > viewport_size.x + margin:
		global_position.x = -margin
	if global_position.x < -margin:
		global_position.x = viewport_size.x + margin


	var margin := 20
	global_position.x = wrap(global_position.x, -margin, viewport_size.x + margin)

Texture Width

Instead of hard coding a margin, I took the texture width to scale and decided a quarter of this size was appropriate for the offset to make the transition appear smooth. This seems to ensure that there is always part of the sprite visible on screen and is never fully off the screen:

@onready var sprite2d: Sprite2D = $Sprite2D


	var offset = (sprite2d.texture.get_width() * sprite2d.scale.x) / 4
	global_position.x = wrap(global_position.x, -offset, viewport_size.x + offset)

Didn’t know wrap existed as a method! Thanks!

me neither, nice solution share :+1:

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