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Looks like I stumbled across an old course. Last post was 4 years ago. Looks like the blender version is in the 2.7 era. Have to look to find out where some features are, for instance frame rate. Only hitting animation lessons as many of the others are covered in course I’ve already taken.

Here is my pool table. I noticed that there is a ramp up and a slow down as you leave and approach the keyframes. I am assuming there is a setting that can be checked to have constant speed between keyframes.

I rendered and then ran every 5th frame into an animated gif:



Yes, all those things you mentioned are available in Blender.
But are more advanced solutions.
The old course (2.7, 2.8 era) are mode technical.
Not sure if Grant is explaining these options.

  • Study besides the dope-sheet, also the Graph-editor and it’s functions.
  • For real animation projects you need to master the NLA Editor.
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