My Alpha Bunny




With fur

… I need to make eyes and add some details still


…With eyes


Bunny looks great, but creepy. Makes me think of Resident Evil virus… lol


haha why creepy?.. I didn’t play that game :thinking:


I see lady bunny when I look at those eyes, and the shape of the head, really nice screenshots :slight_smile:


No? Let me show you:

It’s actually not just a game, but a movie. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed all of them. They give good ideas for how to pervert your creations :slight_smile: The virus gives steroid-like strength to the “thing” afflicted. It’s pretty cool, actually. I was a little freaked out by your bunny. With the hair, I agree with Rob: I see lady bunny, too. If hairless… oh, my :open_mouth: – scary.


Just to note, I like weird things! I hope you don’t think that this is, by any means, a way to discourage you! I imagine you made your bunny like this by design, so I wondered where you got the inspiration from. No offense meant!


@Rob I am glad you like it! Thank you :slight_smile: Oh yesss it is a girl… just strong one :wink:


"LucicityOfPower :joy: ummm … I changed the body shape a bit so isn’t so muscular with fur now. Btw Resident Evil it was a series of Japanese games and later movies based on them. Thanks I will watch it one day :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re 100% right. It was a game before it became a movie, although I constantly seem to be ignoring this fact because I was traumatized by the game when I played it on PS1 as a child, haha, and never took to the games.

In any case, awesome rabbit :smiley:


Thank you! I learned a lot from doing it!
No worries… you didn’t offend me or my bunny in any way and I also like weird things :grin:


The “problem” (relative since it’s art) with the eyes is just that the Iris is too light colored(almost white?) which makes it look weird I guess :smile:
The pulpil needs to be scaled down a little too maybe?

Sugestion if you really want a light colored eye!

But the model itself is fabulous, the shape of the head and the eyes, and when I saw those muscles I laughed! But then I looked a second time and said “Wow this is amazing!” :smiley:


Thanks!! I will experiment with the eyes then and see what looks best :slight_smile:


Looks good to me. Try pulling the corners of the eyelids a bit closer to the eye ball.


I swear I started sculpting my bunny’s arms before I saw your bunny’s arms…
He doesn’t like to show off or anything…
That’s why he lets his fur grow out.


haha here he looks soo innocent… but this bicep wow definitely more beefy then my girl :joy: