My 90-day physiology commitment

1- Going to bed by 1am the next 3 days, then by midnight the next 7 days, then by 11pm the next 80 days.
After doing quite well this summer, I have been going to bed too late these last couple of weeks, but if I can sleep by 11pm, I can get 8 hours and that should be great.

2- Making sure I have at least 4 walks per week, of at least 30 or so minutes each. I tend to walk quite a bit, but sometimes I go for many days or weeks without walking (because of the rain, or being busy or whatever). So basically a lot of my walking happens by accident, so I want to make it intentional instead. I don’t think I have enough motivation for more exercise at the moment.

3- I want to make sure I have 3 decent meals a day. I snack too much. I also stress eat. So I put reminders in my calendar to remember to eat a decent lunch at lunch time, and especially to have dinner not too late. Hopefully that will help me snack less. And not have dinner too late like I have been doing lately, and it makes me feel crappy.

All the reminders I have placed in my calendar include the mention “90 day commitment”. The fact that it’s not forever, will hopefully help me stick to it.

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