My 5 scenes

Here is my game so far what do you think? It seems to control different when published to sharemygame for some reason will have to look into that ( Rotates quicker and boost a bit laggy) but preview is from unity itself


Space: Boost
D: Rotate right
A: Rotate left

Good job David.

Start of level 3 was hard to see the height of the first red wall, maybe change the lighting a little.
I found level 4 quite hard.
I’m not a fan of the perma-death - starting back at level 1 each time, so that was the first thing I changed in my project.

Controls were good when I got used to them. Lots of momentum and so lots of turning around and braking.

Nice :grin:

Thanks for the feedback :+1:
I know what you mean about perma-death I think a lives based system would work better with this kind of game

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