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Hi all

Have a look at my build with 5 levels. Level 5 scene is called the “Shadow World” (see teaser) - you can’t see the objects, but there is a shadow left by the invisible objects. It’s not a difficult level, but I thought the concept was interesting. My 16 year old son designed the backdrop with Gimp. I also included multiple key mappings (further below) and if you crash, you will only go back one level and not all the way to the beginning. It’s a simple build, but illustrates the topics this section

Here is the teaser:

Here is the game URL:

Below are the game keys:

Motion Num Lock Off Num Lock On

Thrust up: Space or Up Arrow or Kepypad 8

Rotate Left A Left Arrow Keypad 4

Rotate Right D Right Arrow Keypad 6

Let me know what you think about shadow world, and only going back 1 level when crashing.

I like the concept of only going back one level, and I’ll steal it for my own version of the game. The perma-death idea is too hard core for me. I also like the concept of the shadow world. Makes me wonder if you could only show the rocket’s shadow as well and how would that look.

Other feedback:

  • My own controls are a lot more heavy so running your rocket felt very squirrely to me. I would take off and fly straight into the ceiling a lot.
  • Level 2 I think the camera needs to slide over a bit, I always feel like I’m guessing where to land if my ship goes off screen.
  • Level 4 is a nice change with the lighting but I would suggest a change to the layout as well so it doesn’t feel like level 1 again.
  • Shadow level is a cool concept. My only concern playing it was it felt imprecise, so I would hit a wall when I didn’t think I should.
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Thanks BDillow - great feedback

Enjoyed playing it !

I agree with BDillow that it is a little overpowered, think how slowly a real rocket takes-off.
Maybe try tweaking it a bit and see what you think.

Nice work though :slight_smile:

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