My 2nd game showcase - Seasons Drake


Here’s a 2nd game i’ve decided to make with everything i’ve learned form the 2D course, while starting the 3D course 2 weeks ago, the game took me around 1 week to complete from start to finish, had around 1hour + each night.

Its sort of a different implementation to the Rocket game (2nd game you create in the 3D course), while trying to keep the initial controls of thrust and rotate intact as much as i could, i actually found it funny.

I’ve changed the main player char from Rocket to a little Dragon.

  • There are 4 levels (5 including the warm-up/tutorial), and each level is a different season, you start in summertime :slight_smile:
  • there are 2 difficulty levels - Easy and Hard, easy is the default
  • i’ve completed it on both difficulties a couple of times, so its definitely possible !
  • you can always press “ESC” to go back to main menu

Gave credits to all i could/should, i’ve used a polygon pack that i’ve bought a long time ago.

Hope you enjoy, would love to hear some feedback, i’ve just started diving into GameDev 3 months ago or so, and i have about 1 hour to work/learn every night since i’m always swamped in RL work.



I really enjoyed this, you’ve put a lot of work into it and that can be seen by playing the game. I really enjoy the visuals, the environment was pretty well done and all the background movement was incredible, not just a bland thing to get it over with.

Audio was also soft and pleasant and the difficulty setting provided a good challenge. Can’t wait to see updates of this, well done! :smiley:

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Thank you so much for your feedback, i’m glad you enjoyed it , that’s what drives me!

I’m glad you noticed the little things like the background movement etc’, its all done with particle effects, from clouds to the falling leaves and snowflaes :slight_smile:
It was my absolute first time working with 3D objects, low poly and all that good stuff, was quite challenging as well.

The next thing on my to-do list was adding a good background music with a toggle that you can turn on/off, but i’ve yet to find a piece of good background music that can fill the vibe i’m aiming for…

Thanks again !

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