MVP - The Manager


MVP - The Manager.

Hi Rick and everyone.
As part of the “finish it” course challenge, I will share my first project info as well what I think will be MVP.

Game Summary (Subject to change)
The world is in chaos. After a cataclysmic event that created the Breeders the way humanity lived was no more.
The world is now a dangerous place and the humans now have to protect themselves inside their city walls while they fend off the hordes of monsters.
The player is a noble which has gained a domain to rule at the border of the empire.
His goal is to evolve his domain and defeat the Breeders in his region while he helps others region to deal with their problems.

Player Experience
Manage a growing city, gather resources create workshops, build new equipment, train adventurers, and specialized workers, discover new tecnologies to help you defend your subjects and fend off the forces of evil.

Minimum Viable Product
The player starts with a little village with limited resources and he/she can:
* Build new workshops.
* Send heroes in an adventure to gather resources.
* Transform the resources in equipment.
* Upgrade the workshops with the resources.
* Train the heroes to upgrade their abilities.
The MVP will be text-based like “Choose your adventure” style, the UI will be simple with a place to show important messages to the player and some buttons to show players things like the items in the city inventory and some buttons to carry actions like building a new equipment, upgrade a workshop and so on.

My next milestone will be to transform it from a text-based to a 2d or 3d game in which i will make/get models for the workshops and characters.

Here are the games that inspire my project

Top Left: Atelie Series - Crafting System
Top Right: Townsmen - City and Building map
Bottom Left: Darkest Dungeon - Squad Management, Combat System
Bottom Right: Regalia of men and monarchs - Adventure map.



Thanks for sharing! Mandou bem (x


Many Thanks.
Você é Brasileiro?
Obrigado pela resposta.


Sou sim (x
Tentando pela segunda vez criar um jogo


Força mano. sei bem como é isso apesar de esse ser o primeiro projeto que eu comecei perdi a conta de quantas ideias eu não levei a frente por conta do medo e da cobrança da minha parte.

Esse curso ajudou bastante e apesar de eu não ter postado todas as vezes que o rick pediu eu vou ta sempre revisitando o curso porque algumas coisas são melhores absolvidas na segunda vez no meu caso.

Força no seu projeto vou acompanhar seu post pra ver o progresso do seu jogo e torço para que você consiga :smile: