Muzzle Velocity, Propellant, Cost?

Just for reference, @ben I looked up some specs for the M829 family of tank shells:

M829: 1,670 meters per second (5,500 ft/s) using of 8.1 kg (18 lb) of JA-2 propellant.

M829A1: The 7.9 kg (17 lb) of JA-19 propellant creates a chamber pressure of 5,600 bars (~81,220 psi), which results in a muzzle velocity of 1,575 m/s (5,170 ft/s).

M829A2: is approximately 100 m/sec greater than the M829A1 (up to something around 1,675 m/sec), while operating at slightly lower pressure. Projectile length: 780 mm; weight: 4.6 Kg. Estimated penetration performance: 730 mm at 2,000 meters.

M829A3: muzzle velocity of 1,555 m/s (5,100 ft/s), estimated penetration performance: 765 mm at 2,000 meters.

M829A4 is a fifth-generation APFSDS-T cartridge consisting of depleted-uranium penetrator with a three-petal composite sabot; the penetrator includes a low-drag fin with a tracer, and a windshield and tip assembly. M829A4 is intended to defeat the newest Russian relikt and malachit explosive reactive armor and had a unit cost of $10,100 each.

So perhaps we could work in a variable for :

  • rounds
  • propellant,
  • chamber pressure,
  • and money for rounds!

The corresponding training round is the M865 costing $1,121 - lol

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Hehe, that’s a lot per round. Thanks for sharing

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