Music Plays but not sound effects

I don’t understand why these sound clips have stopped working:

Here we see that the print statements are appearing in the console:

This is how I have defined them in code:

This is how it is defined in the Inspector:

And this is how it looks in the hiarchy:

After two days its time for me to give-up and consult with the experts.

Hi @RetroDan, do you have any other sound effects/music in your game that is working at the moment?

Do you have an AudioListener object? Do you have more than one AudioListener?

Yes I have two sound effects that stopped working.

I have no other sound effects. There is an AudioListener on the Main Camera.
I have music in the background that is working.

In the examples I have seen the PlayClipAtPoint takes a new Vector 3… not sure whether that would make much difference but could be a quick and easy test. Wouldn’t have thought it would matter though.

That said it’s hard to tell from your code snippets what this relates to. Can you pop up a bigger hunk of your code for this?

Happy to have a look again in a bit…

@RetroDan, you have an AudioSource component yes? I don’t see it shown in your screenshots, other than the code reference to it, which I notice is in blue which may suggest it’s referencing the AudioSource class not an instance of it…

… ah, ignore, I’ve just seen that it’s a Static method… sorry…


Found this, it’s from the end of last year, but there might be something useful in it…

The posts which suggest they have it working mention setting the position to that of the camera. There is also mention of the spatialBlend but I don’t know whether you have a 2D/3D game going on here…

I’ve not used this specific method myself, I have a little soundboard example which plays a clip on a key press, that has an AudioSource as a private member within the script, instantiated in the Start() method where it grabs a reference using GetComponent etc. It’s just a cube in a scene, nothing fancy… happy to share if it’s of any use.

UPDATE: I re-entered everything and the sound effects are now working again but, the volume is so low I could hardly hear it next to the music playing. So I lowered the music volume to 0.1 and cranked the volume of my system now they both play at equal levels. I don’t know if that is a good solution or not. They used to play much louder.

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Hey @RetroDan - great, so at least there’s no code issue or anything. I guess you could play/tweak the sounds accordingly… if you can pop it up anywhere I’d be happy to try it this end and see how it sounds, different machine/player etc… can feedback… entirely up to you :slight_smile: