Mushroom castle

Spend too much time on this, but finally I completed the task :grin:


Omg this is so good! @XtremeJam87 check this out!


Good imagination! Well done!

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Awww, thanks :blush: I am still a bit critical of the shadows though!

Thank you very much :hugs:

This looks great! Do you mind if I share this on our social media channels as part of our weekly student showcase post?

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Thanks! Yeah, why not, it would be my pleasure :hugs:

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Awesome, what name would you like me to credit it to?

Well, I am @ekaterinabbq on Instagram, if this is fine)

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting concept. Reminds me a bit of Mario with all the mushroom shapes.

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Yeah, indeed, didn’t think about it :grin: