Multires causing some issues with scaling

Hello everyone, I’m at the part where I need to scale all the objects to put them on the same UV map. When applying scale to my belt it seems to affect my sculpt but If I apply the multires modifier I have far too much detail. I fear I have missed a step earlier on in the process, any advice?

I am also experiencing issues with my buckle after scaling, rather than enlarging it seems to be shrinking

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You don’t scale the object (or the mesh inside the object), you scale the flattened mesh in the UV editor.


Hi! I had the same issue as well. You need to make the scale of the mesh positive. If you see on your picture the scale of the belt is negative. All you need to do is remove the “-” in front of the number so the scale for x y and z is “0.048” for you.

Then I had to rotate the belt around 180 degrees I think it was on the y axis but just play around till you get it right. This solution solves the problem so you can then apply the scale. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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