Multiple errors that I can't figure out

-When I type in “planet” it does not give me any text after it asking if I want to play again.
-When I type in “hi” or something smaller than 6 characters, it gives me this:
-When I enter a not-isogram, it does not say to enter a word without repeating letters.
-When I enter an all capital word, it does not say to enter all lowercase characters.

I was really enjoying the course and it sucks to stop because of these errors. If anyone could point out what is wrong that would be awesome! Probably something really obvious and I’m blind. Links to pastebin for code below:


Thanks in advance.

Well currently, check guess validity always returns okay unless there’s a miss-match of letters. Why where you expecting it to behave differently?

By the way, these types of queries typically get faster answers on the Q&A.

Hello Sam,

Thank you for such a fast reply! I was not expecting an answer any time soon, but I have fixed the error, and I guess my eyes were deceiving me as on line 88 of main.cpp, I was saying: while (Status == EGuessStatus::OK); instead of (Status != …) Thank you for identifying the error very easily for a beginner like myself to understand, and now I can go back to learning Game Dev!

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