"Multiple Cameras" up to the "Creating An Assets Portfolio Scene" challenges

Hello again.

I’ve finally managed to get to the end of Low Poly Chess Scene lessons! Learned a lot with these lessons, especialy for me that didn’t any kind of experience with 3D modeling. Yes, I know that my models aren’t anything special, but I hope that I can continue to improve to be able to make more better and original models in the future.

I only have a comment regarding the “Creating An Assets Portfolio Scene”. I wanted to make a screen record showing the scene, but I couldn’t managed to get OBS to work with Blender. So I took some screenshots instead. I hope that you don’t mind.

Now on to the next lesson.

“Multiples Cameras” challenge:

“Camera Properties” challenge:

“Depth of Field” challenge:

“Creating An Assets Portfolio Scene” Challenge:


Well done on finishing this section. The chess board looks good :slight_smile:


Thanks and thank you for your compliment! :grinning:


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