Multiple Cameras - Far Camera gave off too much reflection of wood material?

Greetings, in lesson 96. Multiple Cameras, any insight is appreciated regarding this.

I found something very different in my render of the Camera set away to “Far” distance. The anomaly was that the “Wood” material from the base was leaking through onto the “White and Black Square” materials of the chess board itself.

After a bit of trial and error I was able to correct this by ticking the “BACKFACE CULLING” property. I’m not sure how this may have affected the Camera 1 position and Near Camera setup or things in general but by setting the “BACKFACE CULLING”** property it did sort things out as shown in these 3 renders.

The first render shown is from the “FAR” camera and where the wood was showing through the face of the Board…

This is the NEAR Camera

This is the Camera 1 setup

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i think what your speaking of is Zed fighting, i had the same issue, i solved it by adding a little more geometry to the white and black board

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Hey Shadow, thanks. I have heard a few guys on the net talking about Zed fighting. All I know is Backface Culling seemed to solve the issue of the wood leaking through the B/W Tiles? lol

nice im glad ur set came out nice

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As you know a lot of hours go into this chess project, it is no joke getting up to this point. Blender is deep.

i spent a long time on mine as well!


the box i modeled after my opa’s chinnese chess board before i started the chess chapter so i figured why not use it in the final render

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