Multiplayer MOBA Game in Unity

Its very difficult to find good tutorials either about multiplayer development, and MOBA games so i think it would be a good idea to teach this.


I agree that this sounds intriguing. Even covering the core game mechanics (creeps, towers, ai, and multiplayer concepts) as a starting point for this kind of game would be excellent and extremely helpful. These mechanics can be used and adapted for many game types.

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I totally agree, I would love to see that in one of Ben’s courses :D!

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I would say that multiplayer, is intriguing 'cause involve a lot of things.
Players position on the map, interaction with objects and items, Ai multiplayer oriented and chat.

Then, it could be a MOBA o a FPS or… Minecraft :smile:

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I would really like to see a course like this. I’m in

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DOTA2 in Unreal or Unity?

Unity please :pray::grin::grin::grin: