Multiplayer fundamentally different than single player? Git with multiple devs?

Hi all,

A group of friends and I were all going to try prototyping our own game, and I was going to start quickly making my way through the multiplayer course (which I haven’t even bought yet but I will pretty soon here) so that I could implement multiplayer into our game. If they only take the base Unreal Course, will game design have to be fundamentally different in any sense to support multiplayer?

Also, is there anything we should know good Git practices for multiple people working on a project at once? Any problems with multiple people editing the same file at the same time (whether c++ or engine) at once?

Not really as multiplayer is comes with a few challenges which you may or not be able to get everyone up to speed with by yourself.
Retrofitting multiplayer on to an existing project is also a challenge in of itself as you may know from games adding it after the fact taking a long time developing it. I believe it took Stardew Valley over a year and help with his publisher in order to add it.

As for git typically everyone would be developing on their own branch on a specific feature or such and then merge to master

If you’re unfamiliar with branching:

Alright, thank you for the help!

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