Mrjimps BullsAndCows game

GitHub to my version of the BullsAndCow game.


1: No ascii grafix.
2: Funny and typical me dialogs. (not standard and may be considered messy)
3: Globals (constants) kept to a minimum (only one, the array containing different guessing words) by choice.
4: The entire loop is in the game class. (by Choice - Very tidy main).
5: getMaxGuesses() uses a formulae based on wordlength, rather than a map structure.
6: 10 guessing words beeing randomized each time the game starts. Easy to add new ones (just add more in the array)
7: isIsogram is O(n) complexity.

(optional TODO: add isogram check when fetching the guess word at start in case the programmer accidently added a non isogram guessing word. If so just skip the word and take the next random word that IS an isogram)

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