Moving the grapple point with the platform?

I animated one of the platforms to move up and down but when I hit it with the grapple, the hit point doesn’t know anything about the movement of the platform, so it hangs in the air as the platform moves past it. Perhaps I am over thinking this so I’m curious if anyone solved this problem. Seems like the moving platform would need its own script to tell any attached grapple where it should move to?

I’ve not done it but I would expect the grapple to move with the platform if its set up correctly to do so.
Is the grapple attached to a world point or another rigidboy - something like that any way…

Thanks it had connectedBody set (I saw that in the video and thought for sure that was the problem). Turns out I have to reset draw point 1 in the update while mouse button is down:

line.SetPosition(1, joint.connectedBody.gameObject.transform.TransformPoint(joint.connectedAnchor));

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