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“Al…lrighty then!!” Quiz Master…okay this section posed a greater challenge than the previous sections. I stated that I would be making three quiz games and this is the first one out of the oven. As this took some adjusting post lectures, I decided to present MOVIE QUOTE IMPOSTER first and will post my other two quizzes…quizzes?..some time in the near future.
55 movies. Each play through presents 10 movies at random each with 3 quotes to choose from. One quote is the imposter quote. Did I mention how long this took?
I made an adjustment to scoring and added sound effects and, of course, a background track to suit the mood of the art and quiz itself.
Looking for all you movie nerds!! Go down memory lane and revisit the classics!! Plus I could use any feedback to tighten up the overall presentation and gameplay.


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Nicely done, that was really enjoyable! And I’m not much of a movie buff either… so don’t call me “surely” =)

The music and aesthetic in general is absolutely perfect for this :+1:

A couple of “nice-to-have” suggestions if you’re interested:

  • An indicator of which question I’m on would be nice. I decided to let the timer run down on one of them just to see what would happen, and sure enough, that was the last question.
  • We see the correct answer when we get the question wrong, but not when correctly guessing the imposter… whether it was a lucky guess or not. I only actually identified 2 imposters out of 10 (yeah…), so it would’ve been neat to see what it was supposed to say.

Rotten Tomatoes says 9.8, lol!

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9.8!! That is Godfather status!!

The slider at the bottom of the screen is meant to illustrate progress through the quiz but I agree. It would be cool to input that counter we see in classic films that resembles a number inside some target reticule.

I can easily input the true quote after the imposter is selected. I was just in a hurry as this took a long time for me…for me anyway. I know Game Dev will certainly test my patience as I grow. All in all a great exercise and I still have two more quizzes to polish up!

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Okay! I implemented your suggestions! I think I have something here! Thanks again for the input.

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Cheers, well done! :+1:

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