Mover in Lecture "C++ Actor Component" not found

I have done what is in the lecture and tried to add the “mover” for the wall. When I go hit the “+Add” button and search for mover, it is not there in the list.

In Visual Studio when I compiled the code for this lecture, I got these messages and don’t understand them:

Any suggestions?

It won’t show up until you successfully compile that class for the first time.

The errors in VS Code are just from IntelliSense not knowing how that file is compiled. Whenever you add new files you need to do Tools > Refresh VS Code Project within Unreal so it updates the compileCommands with that file and thus inform IntelliSense.

As for your error, I suggest you compile from VS Code with Unreal closed.

That sounds more complicated. Why wasn’t this address in the lectures?

It is, but later (sorry, I forgot you wouldn’t have reached that yet). Close Unreal and then from VS Code do

Ctrl + Shift + B > ProjectNameEditor Platform Development Build.

Where ProjectName is the name of your project and Platform is the platform you’re targeting e.g. Win64

Be sure to use the editor version i.e. ProjectNameEditor […].

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Thanks, was trying to figure out why the changes from Live Coding and the editor kept disappearing when I reopened projects. Closing the editor and rebuilding from VSCode fixed it.

So to be clear, adding C++ components while Live Coding only adds them temporarily. To make them stick, we have to rebuild the project in VSCode for those C++ components to stay compiled (and attached to the Actors).

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That’s any change not just addition of components. They’ll be lost on restart until you compile again, unless you compile with Unreal closed, it’s just worse for blueprints using new C++ components as they’ve effectively lost the class they’re using which would break them.

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