Hello forum users! Any ideas how to implement this? I created a move by passing the velocity vector in the direction of the cursor, this ensured non-slipping of objects, but what about the grid?


In which lecture are you? Is this for a course project?

Hi, I’m a freelancer, and this is not a coursework, I’m just a client task. I know the approximate presentation of the implementation, but I would like to hear the opinions of other people, is there anything more flexible or better?

My movement is carried out by passing the velocity vector in the direction of the cursor. This gives the result that the objects do not pass through each other, since the displacement is based on the physics engine, but how to tie this whole thing to the grid until nothing comes to best

With 250,000+ students to support I’m afraid we can’t help out with issues that are outside the scope of the course.

Please feel free to ask for advice from our helpful community of students over on our Discord chat server.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hah, I am constantly redirected from one place to another. First with Udemy on this forum, then on FaceBook. Professionals pancake)))

I’m a freelancer myself. When I need help with a project for a client, I pay people to do what I cannot do or do not want to do. If I cannot afford to pay anybody, I try to solve my problems myself.

My clients would not be happy if they saw me insulting people on the internet.

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I did not ask for a solution to the problem, but only a response that is relevant, and once again I was convinced that we, programmers from Russia, are better at fumbling in this whole topic)) Thank you for not being able to help with the advice, because it would take so much time when the decision came to me within two minutes, you would read something - if the books))

I see you are new to the platform. Nina was simply stating that she is unable to help you with your query. Instructors and Student instructors alike try their best to support direct queries of the course(s).

Personally, if a student is showing an exploration from what they have just learnt on a course and needs further help then I will often help with extra support as it is fun and can often be re-implemented into the courses to help future students. But that is not the standard practice sadly as it’s impossible to give that level of service to every student. We never promise to give 1-1 support at any point either as it would be impossible with the numbers we are talking about.

That’s not to say a fellow student might not be able to jump in and help you, but I think you need to drop the attitude and abuse if you are expecting others to help you.

Why do you take the truth for an insult? Advice is not a solution.) Why do you need a forum? And yes, the teacher sent me here, and before that, he redirected from Udemy and Facebook, but I do not need your advice, since I calmly solved this problem within two minutes. And the advice to read books is not an insult)) And most importantly, how can you ask questions about courses, if everything is clearly stated there? It is necessary to be so careless to make mistakes when everything is cracked for fools)))

You asked for help on a subject and were advised that as a student instructor we can only help to a certain degree as we are tailored to help on the courses we provide.
If something is not covered in the course and is the question you are asking then we have to draw on our own experience to advise and then esculate to the Instructors (Like Mikey) to field the question.

Now, We have stated what we do here and if the attitude and insults continue you can either leave of your own accord or with assistance.