Movement locked til end and Z axis only


My movement to my ship is locked until the end of the timeline. Then once the run is complete, I’m able to move but once there, it only moves on the Z- axis. I’ve seen various solutions that tantamount to just delete everything as restart with no assets. Any work arounds?

Hi All!

I found my issue! I was going to delete this but maybe this would help everyone too.

First, my Player Controller script was on the “PlayerRig” and not on my actual SHIP. So that caused the lack of movement. Second, idk why it made movement only on the Z axis at the end. Probably something to do with the camera. BUT When you move the PlayerController script back to the actual ship, ADD IN THE 2D vector component again. I forgot that so the keys weren’t binded again.

Hope this helped! Thanks Nina! You’re solutions were all over threads

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