Movement Bug: Building speed by pressing against walls


first of, this bug doesn’t become apparent until later in the course, when walls are added. But it does relate to the Player movement code, so I thought I’d post it here.
Basically, the code adds to the movement vector, no matter whether the character is actually moving. So by letting the character walk into a wall, you can build up the movement to max speed and then inch around the corner and get a “running start”. I made a little clip to illustrate:

It’s not too tragic or could even be considered a feature (“sprinting around a corner”) :wink:
Nevertheless, I thought I’d take a shot at fixing it and I’m looking for some feedback on the code. I added these functions that use the collision information of the last move_and_slide call and some vector operations to figure out whether the character is pressing against a wall in one of the four directions:

func get_last_collision():
	if get_slide_count() > 0:
		return get_slide_collision(get_slide_count() - 1)
	return null
func is_colliding_in_direction(direction):
	var collision = get_last_collision()
	if collision:
		var angle = collision.normal.angle_to(direction)
		return abs(angle) < deg2rad(45)
	return false

func is_on_left_wall():
	return is_colliding_in_direction(Vector2.RIGHT)
func is_on_right_wall():
	return is_colliding_in_direction(Vector2.LEFT)
func is_on_top_wall():
	return is_colliding_in_direction(Vector2.DOWN)

func is_on_bottom_wall():
	return is_colliding_in_direction(Vector2.UP)

And then I use these in the movement code conditions, e.g.:

if Input.is_action_pressed('ui_left') and not Input.is_action_pressed('ui_right') and not is_on_left_wall():
		motion.x = clamp(motion.x - SPEED * delta, -MAX_SPEED, 0)

This way, the character only builds speed to the left, if it is not running into a wall to its left.

This works for me and fixes the behaviour, but I’m wondering whether there’s a better way to do it? Is using the collision normal the way to go to fix stuff like this?

Seems to be in the wrong category but I’m not sure where godot is supposed to go. @Marc_Carlyon or @Yann_Burrett ?

Looks like the godot tags are nesting under unreal as you cant change them to other courses either as the tag does not exist there.



yes, sorry about that, I was also really confused by that. If the tags are fixed I’m more than happy to move this thread to the correct category.

Its no problem and not your fault either :slight_smile:
Once we figure it out we can move the topic and clean up the replies.
I’ve not progressed that far into Godot so hoping Yann can help on this

It’s a nice solution - I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to collect all of those is_on_right_wall(), is_on_left_wall() etc functions into one…

We could also check the vector length. If I’ve got an input button held down but my vector.length() < some small number, return false on thje input. (at which point, move_and_slide() has just had its slide cancelled, of course, and we may as well use move_and_collide)

@danm @Marc_Carlyon Godot goes under other courses. Corrected this now. :slight_smile:

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