Mouse / Camera movement sticks with Unity Starter Assets

I will just leave this here for anybody else having this issue. So the problem I had is that sometimes the camera rotation and or mouse movement feels like it sticks. I am using a Razer Death Adder v3 mouse on my Mac.

Turns out that the StarterAssets.FirstPersonController has a threshold it checks before actually moving the Cinemachine camera.

I exposed this _threshold as a public variable so it can be tuned in the editor.

// Before:
// private const float _threshold = 0.01f;

// After:
public float _threshold = 0.01f;

Also I found that I prefer to have 0.0 threshold and now this feels like a twitch shooter like good old Quake 3.

Setup: MacBook Air M2, macOS Monterey, Razer Death Adder v3.

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