Mountains turn very bright using "Object" as Texture Coordinate output

I’m adding the gradient to the mountains, but when using Object as Texture Coordinate output, the mountains glow.

Using Generated works fine.

Mountains aren’t scaled, etc.

Any suggestions why this is? @Grant_Abbitt

Thank you.

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I’m assuming it’s where your origin point is placed


Adding the color ramp fixed the glow.

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Solution is here, Just adding this so later readers can find it.


Since it doesn’t look like there is an answer for why it’s so bright, I thought I’d try to explain what is happening.

The reason that it is so bright is that colors are allowed to be whiter than white(1,1,1) blender. And the object coordinates are based on the size of your object, so if your mountain is 10m then the color will be (10,10,10) at the top. Effectively reflecting 1000% of the light that hits it, I’m assuming that white reflects 100% of the light that hits it and it scales linearly.

Oh, I almost forgot. The reason that it’s glowing is because of EEVEE’s bloom setting making pixels brighter than a threshold glow, mixed with the fact that everything is basically over exposed.


Thx +1

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