Hello, so I bought the Unity 3d course a while ago and was making steady progress until just a few weeks ago…

I finished Terminal Hacker and am almost through Project Boost, but then I hit a road block. I just wasn’t feeling like coding the game I started even though I still love the idea of it and where it was going. Then, my dad remarried and I had to help move in a new family into the house. Since then, I haven’t touched the course.

My question is, how do you think I could get back into the course? Should I take a few days and familiarize myself with the game I was making, or just move on to the next game until I have the energy to complete the one I am working on? Also, how do you keep yourself motivated on a project?

Thanks in advance for any tips and info :slight_smile:

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Also, while I bought the 3d unity course, a lot of the ideas for games floating in my head seem to work better in a 2d environment. I assume that continuing this course would be of help even for 2d games, or do you think that I should focus working on 2d games instead? Just don’t know how different programming for a 2d game would be

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Hey, your not alone, I am feeling kinda the same way. :P. Sometimes I feel uncertain if I am doing the right thing or learning the right engine. I get into analysis paralysis, But I just gotta do it. get 1-2 game finished first and then some more. do more and ponder less. just use the tools when the need comes up. Just do it and the motivation will come as a result of action. also think of the cool things you can make!
join some game jamz on, share your work online.

take care

I am sure you want to make games to make people experience something. just use the best tool to make that experience a reality. 2D or 3D depends on what kind of emotion you want to express.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but just sharing my experience

I’m about to finish this course soon, maybe 30min left so basically ready. I took totally different approach to learning than I usually do. I made myself a goal that every day I’d spend 1 hour learning. It doesn’t matter if I’m only progressing 10min in video-wise but I thought 1 hour is doable.

I was able to keep that up until middle of rail shooter game. I don’t know if it was a game of what but I lost my interest. What I did I didn’t take any pressure from it. I kept learning Blender meanwhile and one day I just felt like I should just finish that game. I never gave up but sometimes a little break is good thing. I’m glad that I still finished that game for two reason: I learned new things in Unity and even more importantly I learned how to finish what you have started. I have always had that problem that I start learning something and then that leads to me a different topic and I end up just never going back to original topic.

So I guess my advice is that if you are really interested in game dev and unity then just try to fight you way through. This course is really good now that I think of it. Make yourself maybe some sort of schedule as well. For me it worked. Oh and for me it worked because some day when I was feeling learning more I forced myself to stop after 1 hour.

But yeah, just my personal experience :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the responses!!! My phone only said one person replied today, so sorry for not responding for a while… It’s funny that you mentioned a game jams because I just started one a few days ago on my own volition! I at first tried the game makers tool kit jam, bit didn’t even get close to finishing, so I’m sticking to a slightly longer game jam so I have time to breathe lol… But yeah I think just a break from it is kinda working… I started a game in 2d for the game jam and I think the change in direction helped… Feel like I’m refreshed enough to go back to the course… I am definitely going to keep your advice in mind as I continue making games! Thanks for all the help!

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