Motion Blur vs. Camera Motion Blur + Chromatic Aberration

Sam, Image effects 2/2:

First of all: good job getting all of the effects discussed in such a short & concise manner. There is a LOT of stuff done behind the scenes to achieve these effects and I’m glad to see a brief overview of them all. What I noticed is:

I think you got it wrong with the motion blurs. “Now Camera Motion Blur actually supersedes Motion Blur” (2:03)… nope. Motion Blur refers to moving objects and applies blur directly to that object i.e. it will take effect only if the camera is looking at moving objects. On the other hand, Camera Motion Blur will not blur anything unless the camera itself is being moved: in such case it will blur the entire image in accordance with the movement direction.

No. 2: Vignetting and chromatic aberration. You are talking about both, but using only one. In fact, this is not a 2 in 1 effect (although it exists, for some reason, in the same component). You can either use vignetting by playing with the “Vignetting”/“Blurred Corners”/“Blurred Distance” sliders --OR-- chromatic aberration by choosing the aberration type and adjusting the value. Both will produce totally different effects. Try it :slight_smile:

Ha, that wasn’t easy at all!

Thanks for the corrections, I will ensure that edits go in the videos tomorrow.

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