Most Touching, and Inspirational car render EVER **Not Clickbait**

The first images are of a mother car and her little carlings going down to the community pond to teach them to have their first swim. I made prefabricated cars and trees, and then grouped the trees into “forests” to duplicate them more quickly.

This next painting we have is an inspirational tale of a big bully car that picks on a little one. It looks like all hope is lost, and the little car is going to get keyed to shreds, but then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, backup arrives! The big car has nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide, and has been entirely defeated. The end.

So the moral of the story is, if you ever feel like giving up because there’s a huge obstacle in your way, don’t give up, just call your friends, or the police or something like that, depending on the situation.


Love the lighting and the changing headlight shapes to tell the story - I can feel the emotion!!


Nice, thank you!

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