More To Come "Lecture" out of place / still needed?

Hey there,

I am currently working on Stephens Geometry Nodes in Blender Course and just finished the lecture Fill & Fillet Curve Nodes. After completing the lecture I got the more to come screen next:

Just wanted to ask if this screen is still needed at all and if so I would be expecting it after the Tree Generator Section.

Maybe ask is not the right category for this thread, if so let me know and I will update the post.


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Thanks I will pass it on. It looks like it was left up after the last bit was added. I think it is completed.


It is now fixed!
Plus there are a few more lectures on this tree generator to come.

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Thanks! Im glad to hear that! Is there a chance I will get notified when that happens? Maybe via email or so? I think that would be great for people who have already taken the course :slight_smile:

I do not think there is a system in place that does that sorry.

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thats okay. I will just make a reminder for myself. Thanks!

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