More than one word in a password issue

On my level 3 and 4 of Terminal Hacker I have passwords with 2 and 3 words per password such as “closed beta”.

However , when I receive a hint in game the formatting isn’t spaced properly
Password- closed beta
Hint- c obaetdesol
I want- csloed eabt

Has anyone found a solution to this problem to make it more obvious


In this case, you will have to modify the algorithm. The Split method for strings could be useful.

See also:

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Lol I kind of like it assuming you could make sure the space is not the beginning, end or sequential it could be a tip to the player that is multiple words

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Yeah I was thinking about that too. I’ll probably update it when I understand code a little better. Thanks for the feedback!

It’s not that difficult when you know what an array and a loop are. The shuffle algorithm remains the same. You just have to run it on each string in the array you created with the split method. When it’s done, you could take the single strings, add a space between them and return them as one string.

It’s a nice challenge which you could try to complete after this or the next section. :slight_smile:

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