More realistic Minecraft

Ive seen a video on Youtube from Lenz Graphics where he improved Minecraft RTX in Blender so I gave it a shot myself and this is how it turned out. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Yes definitely a step up in appearance, while still undeniably Minecraft cubey world.
Maybe particle grass is a step too far away from that worls?

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I honestly think that this is a perfect world, not exactly like the Minecraft version from what I remembe, but I think this is better because of the grass particles.


Yeah maybe, but I like the realism that comes with it, the contrast between the cubic world and the detailed grass. But thanks for the reply.

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There is a Minecraft shader mod to detailed grass. So, it’s fine :smiley:

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Well, it looks nice, and the texture looks more realistic from my perspective. I like how the trees are looking. At least not like typical cubicles, when you have to guess that those are trees. Also, besides using Blender to make changes, you might want to check out Minecraft texture packs. They come in all sorts of styles, from making things look super realistic to adding fun and quirky designs. You’ll see that it gives your Minecraft world a whole new look that’s more exciting and less like a boring bunch of blocks.

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