More Organic Feeling Well

I tried making the Tiles look a little more weathered and organic.


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A good basic well.

Your brick courses overlap of the previous one, are not completely right but we have seen far worse.
The roof is probably a little low, imagine a human for whom the well wall comes up to even as high as their waist.

Good try with the tiles.
However if not familiar with clay tiles, google how they are laid. They do not lay across the batten in the centre of them. The top end ‘hangs’ over the batten, the bottom end rests on the tile below it.

I really appreciate the feedback. I didn’t even think about how low the roof was. What do you mean regarding my bricks though?

To be fair I just searched out Mikey’s lesson with some well making in it. It is way too sloppy, and plain wrong in most of the things I notice in your and other’s wells. Even allowing for the irritating speeded up production of it. Or perhaps I am over critical on the lack of simple proportions and real life things being reproduced. To me, those are simple things to govern whatever item, at any level, and are not restricted by Blender ability itself.

The joins between two bricks on one course should be pretty much exactly half way over the brick length of the course below and above it. Look and any stretcher bond wall. Now Mikey is right, no wall is perfect, but also no wall is remotely as bad as he made his either! Imperfections when relevant need to be tiny.

Yes there are fancier bond patterns, but sloppy, inaccurately, laid is not a well known one. :rofl:

Oh and how tiles lay. Though the course always seems to do a wood beam ridge. Mikey got his totally wrong too, which you probably copied carefully. :roll_eyes:

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