More Mirrors: unable to delete half the object, only deleting faces in view

When selecting the faces at about 5 mins in and hitting delete, it’s only deleting the faces facing me. When I rotate my object the side and back faces are still there. I’m in faces mode and wireframe like in the video so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong??

Guessing in the dark with no image to see, Are you selecting without X-ray on or in full wireframe? As otherwise vertices behind the visible mesh can not be selected.

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Hi, I had xray on and was in wireframe as well and it wasn’t working. I’d closed blender since posting my ask and when i reopened it after reading your message to try again it seems to be working now? I’m really not sure what i was doing wrong the first time, i rewound the video and followed it step by step earlier. And just now did it from memory so i know I was pushing all the right buttons lol

in the future i’ll remember to include screenshots! i posted my question from my tablet earlier and didn’t have access to the blender screen, sorry about that. thanks for telling me how to get screenshots within the program! and thanks for such a quick reply too!

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Good to hear it is all resolved.
Happy Blendering!

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