More details... and more and more

Work in progress… just missing a few (37) parts that also need to be taken to a higher LOD…

I think I might stall this one to get on with the next section… but I will finish/return to it later :slight_smile:

Gaaaah, didn’t even see that the Journal is IN the table, not on, until the multi hours render was almost finisherd… :disappointed:

… but still, depth of field is a nice feature. Kind of a LOD filter while working

… * phew * … thats better. Snap to Face is another nice feature in Blender :smiley:


This is really nice work Jonas.
Its impressive seeing the work that comes out of this section!
Well done to you!

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Tankyou :dizzy_face:

Good job! A lot of work put into this!

One suggestion though: For the couch you could add some normal + bump maps for finer detail. Since it’s very close to camera it will be most visible and every little details counts (even though your focal point is on the book). It could use a little specular reflections as it’s leather I assume.

Cheers, Jax

I thank you for the feedback. I took a quick look at some reference images and I totally see your point…

However, I think I have to get some other shapes up to the same LOD first … :smiley:

… and they could use somewhere to sit and to put the notes I think.

Can’t wait until I get to see how well this bakes…

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Hi Jonas,

Yeah, much better :slight_smile:

I did two quick renders with what I had in mind. This one is with diffuse only:

And this one is with diffuse, normal + specular maps:

Lighting, samples and everything else is the same. And don’t mind the cushion border, that was just WIP stuff :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am out of time now but here you can see that the specular reflection is not very strong, otherwise it looks like a plastic.

I suggest you to mix the specular map with the actual amount where specular reflections are supposed to happen. You can achieve this by dragging the color node from your specular map texture to factor in mix shader.

Good job anyways!

Cheers, Jax

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Nice folds, I just wrapped something with noise and… I need some practice :slight_smile:

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Still practicing on this :slight_smile:

This is Procedural only mind you so…

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