Moon Lander (Project Boost)

Project Boost GDD

Game Name: Moon Lander.

Moon Lander is a game harkening back to the early days of Computer Programming. For some it evokes a sense of nostalgia, taking us back to the satisfaction of completing our very first program. This incarnation aims to capture that spirit, and bring it into the modern game development era.


In Moon Lander the player is piloting, what else, a Moon Lander style craft. To succeed, he or she must successfully land on the surface of a moon (or other planetary body) and then return to orbit in time to reconnect with the parent ship (control module).

Challenges :

  • Limited Fuel
  • Flimsy Ship
  • Shoddy Craftsmanship (the lander was built by the lowest bidder after all)
  • Limited Life-support (time limit)

Target Audience : Older Programmers who started in Basic, QBasic, or an even older language.

Target Rating : E

Target Platform : WebGL

Tech Stack : Unity 2018.3.14, Blender 2.80

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