MonkeyBusiness is my take on Glitch Garden. It is a tribute to Lucasarts’ Monkey Island and Sam & Max adventure games.

Once the first level was created I decided to refactor the code so that each level could use the same scene with its content and level-critical parameters loaded through an external JSON source making further level creation less of a hassle. All resources were loaded dynamically at run-time in accordance with the content of the JSON data. Here’s how the first level looks:

        "introText":"LeChuck is after your booty! Go bananas during the zombie-pirate invasion!",
        "outroText":"So he is not giving up? Well here's an idea..."

I realized that I could embed a lane into the start scene and have it randomly populated with defenders and attackers to provide a perpetual fight that show-case each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. With the revamped level-architecture in place it was surprisingly easy to pull off.


  • 10 levels that work on 3 difficulty settings
  • Intro and outro for each level to tie it together in a story-line
  • Difficulty algorithm that scales with level-progression and difficulty setting
  • 4 defenders and 4 attackers all with individual tactical mechanisms
  • Resouces are gained by level progression rather than spawned by a defender
  • 99% reworked graphics and sounds (I kept the grass texture)

Give it a try at MonkeyBusiness at

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