Monkey textured

It took my brain a while to get the idea.
It’s powerful!


It is.

Good woven effect on Suzanne!

Blender is amazing stuff.
Just practice a lot. Small projects.

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Nice job, this course looks like it could be interesting. I am at a toss up whether I should do this or the character course next. Tough decisions.

Practice does indeed make perfect.

Hi and thanks
I don’t know which course is best to start with.
I had already taken a course before this one and I thought I wouldn’t learn much and go fast. It’s just the opposite! I don’t know how to explain it but this course is actually very varied and allows you to understand what you are doing (and not just reproduce).
The important thing is to get started!
(I’m sorry if my English is weird or bad, I’m French and writing in English is complicated for me)


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