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My primary ultrawide monitor (iiyama G-Master GB3461WQSU-B1) died on me. I had bad luck with this one, already had 2 RMAs in the past. It’s now out of warranty period, so I’m looking for new one. I would prefer to spent as little as possible on new one, but let’s say <$700 (I want big monitor, 32" or more). Primary purpose 3d modeling related work (Blender/Substance Painter etc.), gamedev (Unreal/Unity/Godot), but also occasional gaming (I have 3090).

The main question is 4k vs ultrawide. The 2nd question is what specific monitor to buy. After initial search I found samsung’s odyssey g7 (32"/144hz version) and gigabyte m32u. But after looking a bit more in-depth I found a lot of negative review (e.g. 21% 1-2 star reviews on Amazon for that Samsung)… So after digging some more… I see which has way better reviews overall, and might be good replacement.

Before I buy… I wonder if you have any recommendations?

Because of the sort of stuff you do, I imagine you’re not only used to the ultrawide setup, but also that you actually make use of most if not all of that width. Scarcely a level playing field between the two, is it =)

As far as recommendations, I would personally stay away from just about anything Samsung makes. Suffice it to say, I’ve heard a LOT of negative feedback.

I don’t have any experience with what you should get, but the one you linked to seems to do the job. I’m a bit wary of the dodgy spelling on the website, but if reviews of it on a 3rd party site look good, you’ll probably be fine. Maybe someone else will be able to weigh in with their experiences.

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32" BenQ 4k for Blender and such, but probably something less good with faster refresh rates for wizz bang pow gaming.

Personally not interested in overly wide non standard formats, or curved!


Yea, if you are comparing full hd (1920x1080) vs ultrawide (3440x1440)… But 4k is 3840 x 2160, so idk… still way more expensive though that UWQHD…

I read that also, that one I pointed to has 21% of 1-2 stars on amazon, which is super high I think. This is surprising as my 2ndary (temporarily primary) monitor is actually Samsung (32" too… it has 10 years already… and my wife has another one also around 32", for ~5 years without any single issues). My first LCD was Samsung as well, and I had it for a very long time… I am guessing that quality control must went down a lot in recent years…


I was looking at BenQ, a bit expensive compared to others, but will look a bit more…

3440x1440 is fine, I actually really like how you can arrange windows with it. 4k in would give more pixels to “play around with”, but also not sure if it’s worth paying extra $200+…

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This is where my mind went too. Especially if the 4K is that much more expensive, I’m thinking the ultrawide makes more sense.

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ok, I’m trying with that m34wq

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Check the color gamut the display covers too - aka the range of colors supported by the display.

Anything below 100% sRGB will look dull.
If the number is higher than 100% sRGB, it simply means the device covers a different gamut. And its marketing bla, since 110% sRGB sounds better than e.g., 88% DCI-P3 (I made up the numbers).



Idk what that means, but this is in the spec of the one I ordered: “91% DCI-P3/117% sRGB”

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Look at the diagram, the screen can display a range of colour that exceeds the sRGB triangle. The other way around this means it covers 91% of the DCI-P3 space.

Screens become much more expensive the more colors they cover.

You can learn more here in this 2023 article.
The best monitors for color grading i

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Thanks for the link!

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So the monitor arrived and I connected it and tested it a bit. Fortunately no dead pixels or any other visible flaw. Image quality is great (I can’t really tell if it’s better than the previous one I had, but for sure it’s not worse). Let’s just hope that it will last me a long time :crossed_fingers:


Best of luck =)

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