Modulate enemy speed

As we’re trying to get a better feeling about the enemy patrols, adding dwelling at every waypoint, I was wondering what is the best way to modulate the enemy speed, according to his state / behaviour.
For example, the enemies could patrol at 50% of their navMeshAgent.speed and get at 100% of it when they are chasing and/or being suspicious.
I was trying to implement that and got stuck into a conceptual question.
Is it better to have these percentages into the AIController, arguing that this is the state that drives the speed, or should we call from the AiController some new methods that belong to our Mover script (like public void Walk(), public void Run() etc) that would do the trick (maybe using some serializedfields attached to the Mover in order to be able to parameter those percentages)?
Thanks in advance!

ok got my answer in another lecture! :upside_down_face:

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