Modular Walls

Hey guys, i have been following the modular dungeon course and i cant seem to get my assets to snap together correctly! i have modeled everything already, but they just dont snap or stack properly, so my dungeons dimensions end up all wrong, the floor tiles do not match the size of the dungeon and alot of geometry intersects with each other.

i tried to apply scale and rotation after setting the dimensions to even number but it does not seem to work! i even deleted everything and started from scratch! same problem.

is there a trick or something i might have missed, i tried changing the objects origin but still no beuno!


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How do you snap?

  • using the GRID
  • using vertices, edges …
  • be sure, all objects (modules) are based on the same (factor) grid. Like 1x1x1meter od 2x2x2 etc…
  • easiest way is using the grid … But when zooming in out the grid snap detail level will change.

Sounds like you had the sizes wrong. Impossible to tell much without full screenshots, something to see.